Howdy everyone! Winter is nearly behind us and there are some exciting things on the horizon! A new full-length album with a top-tier group of Chicago musicians, a return trip to Unionville, MO in June, and a run to Clinton, NJ for a concert at The Red Mill in July.

Played for The Underbelly Hours Podcast Songwriter night with Ryan Burns on February 19, and I was honored to be a part of the “My Sweet George” birthday celebration at Martyr’s on February 25 featuring some of the town’s finest musicians.  I’ll be starting a Monday residency at The Northman Riverwalk in June. And sidewalk weather for The Celtic Knot on Tuesdays is right around the corner!

Also very excited to be returning to The Captain Wohlt Inn in Hermann, MO one Friday per month starting in April!

And thanks to everyone who has been supporting all live music these last two years, be it in-person or virtual!